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ASMODIM Aviation Player Unit
Training Laser Designator (TLD)
IPU Ground Player Unit
MWSA2 Weapon Simulator

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The Advanced Smart Onboard Data Interface Module (ASMODIM() interfaces with air and ground vehicles to provide collective Force-on-Force and Force-on-Target weapons systems training. The ASMODIM is fully compatible with MILES and laser-based direct fire weapons. It also computes Geometric Pairing solutions and processes Simulated Area Weapon Effects (SAWE) data for all weapons. Aircraft and targeted vehicles are Geometrically Paired by their GPS positions for Real-Time Casualty Assessment (RTCA). The ASMODIM selects a target from its player position database in the appropriate weapons impact footprint, and computes Probability of Hit (Ph) algorithms specific to each weapon type and player type. It then informs the target via the data link that it is selected for assessment and passes RTCA feedback directly to the aircraft weapons processor and ground station through the onboard telemetry radio.

Training Laser Designator (TLD)

The Training Laser Designator (TLD) will be permanenty embedded into the Phase III Modernized Day Sensor Assembly (M-DSA) for every AH-64D/E Apache Helicopter. The TLD is a self-contained subsystem consisting of a collimated Class 3R (ANSI) 904 nanometer (nm) Laser energy transmitter. A MILES Laser Transmitter enables simulated Rockets and Missiles when LBA TESS is installed and enaged on the aircraft. The TLD is controlled by the Training Laser Interface Adapter (TLIA) through an RS-485 serial interface. A second “Host” serial interface allows the Modernized Laser Spot Tracker (M-LST) within the M-TADS to receive BIT and status information from the TLD.


Instrumentation Player Unit (IPU)

The Instrumentation Player Unit (IPU) instruments the vehicle as a player and target for Force-on-Force training firing non-line of sight (NLOS) simulated weapons. It provides real-time tracking and recording of position/location, weapon events and MILES engagements. Platform type, player ID, weapon loads, and radio frequencies are configured during initialization. Player and event data are transmitted to the Modular Mobile Command and Control (MMCC) for real-time monitoring, recording and playback for After Action Review (AAR).

MWSA2 Weapon Simulator

The MWSA2 Weapon Simulator is designed to simulate all munitions fired by the MLRS Rocket Launcher and operates in two modes. In tactical mode, it performs high fidelity simulation including tactical responses to all mode sequences executed during pre-launch and launch operations. The MWSA2 exercises the launcher’s Tactical software and circuits in the same manner as a live round. In non-tactical mode, the MWSA2 provides the “Trainer” capability using the launcher’s non-tactical Training software. The Trainer replicates the weapons interface to the crew, but does not activate the tactical interface.