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The relationships we develop with our suppliers are key to our ability to meet our customers needs.
We work with our suppliers in order to provide competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and best practices in design and manufacturing.
We are dedicated to continuous improvement and quality service, and value suppliers who share these same commitments.
We hope the information provided here will answer most questions and make purchasing tasks easier for all of us.


Every Purchase Order (PO) is subject to: ICE Terms & Conditions

Authorized Buyers

Orders accepted from other than an authorized purchasing agent are at risk.
The following personnel are authorized ICE purchasing agents:
Kimberly Williams - Supply Chain Manager
email: kwilliams@inter-coastal.net


Supplier Visits

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you regarding the latest developments concerning new or substitute parts, materials or services, price and quality changes. Procurement representatives will arrange for special presentations or demonstrations at the request of ICE technical personnel.  In all cases, technical advice or assistance must be provided only with the prior knowledge of a Purchasing Department representative.

    • Quotes should be returned within 24-48 hours.
    • Quote and deliver all machined or sheet metal parts with inserts installed.
    • Custom parts or assemblies can be quoted from a faxed drawing, but manufacturing
      must be done from original drawings or approved electronic file.
Please comply with these Policies for Supplier On-site Visits
    • All appointments must be arranged through and attended by a Purchasing Department representative.
    • All visits to Inter-Coastal Electronics begin by checking in at the front desk.
    • Suppliers arriving without an appointment may be asked to schedule and return at a later time.
    • A visitors badge must be worn.
    • Visitors require a company escort while in the facility.
    • A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) may be required to discuss certain Programs or Technologies.

Potential Suppliers

Supplier Profile

Companies interested in becoming a supplier for ICE are asked to introduce themselves by completing the attached Supplier Profile. This will download an MS Word form. Check your download folder.

This information is treated as private and is for ICE review only. This profile provides a standard approach to meeting new suppliers, and enables you to get our attention for future opportunities. Submitting this profile does not automatically place your company on a bidders list or designate you as an approved supplier. It provides information to allow us to assess your capabilities.

Required Documentation for Delivery

ICE's Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001/AS9100D.
See the ICE Business Practice for Drawings - Uniform Interpretation, and the table below for documentation requirements.

Drawings - Uniform Interpretation

ICE Business Practice: BPC21 - Drawings - Uniform Interpretation.

Supplier Documentation Requirements by Part Type
Supplier Document Requirements by Part Type

Other Requirements

    • Ship per method stated on PO.
    • Ship complete unless PO states Partial Shipments Authorized.  If the supplier is responsible for shipping cost this does not apply.
    • Reference the PO number and ICE Part Number (P/N) on all packing slips
      and other official documentation.
    • All parts must be shipped using methods and packing that ensure the safe delivery
      of parts free from defect or damage.
    • The supplier is expected to meet all confirmed in-house dates. The supplier must
      notify the buyer if expected in-house date will not be met.
    • The supplier should not deliver more than two days early without authorization. Unauthorized deliveries are subject to rejection or delayed payment.
Non-Conforming Material

When repairing or replacing non-conforming material, the supplier is responsible to include a Root Cause and Corrective Action Report. This report should include a description of the non-conformance and action taken to correct the problem for this and all future deliveries.


Deliver high quality material on a consistent basis. All parts are required to conform to specifications as defined by the PO, ICE drawings, and any military or commercial standards identified on the PO or drawing.

Supplier Evaluation

ICE evaluates Suppliers on a regular basis to ensure conformance to Quality requirements, on-time delivery and customer service. It is our goal to communicate expectations clearly so our suppliers can succeed, thereby helping us to succeed.